The Bulk Post 3rd-Edition: Bulk Season Is Upon Us

The Bulk Post 3rd-Edition: Bulk Season Is Upon Us

“The first thought that comes to mind when the sets become tough is that I cannot lose. I refuse to lose and be a failure. It’s much more desirable to leave the gym saying ‘I won!’” – Tom Platz

Warming up is an integral part of every workout. It not only helps you prepare physically but also mentally. A good routine to follow is some dynamic stretches for whatever muscles you’ll be working followed by some form of cardio, like jogging, elliptical, rowing, jump rope, or shadow boxing. All of this serves to loosen your muscles, increase blood flow, help prevent hyperextension (along with other muscle or tendon injuries), and increase your range of motion for superior muscle activation.

Everyone loves a good dessert, but nobody loves the effect it has on our health afterward. Luckily for us, healthy desserts exist, and although they might not be as healthy as a plate of chicken breast and broccoli, they are certainly healthier than your standard desserts. One of our favorites is a quick and easy protein cake courtesy of Noel Deyzel, shown below. It is made using only a mug and a microwave, perfect for any college student out there.

Thanks for checking out the 3rd edition of The Bulk Post! We hope everyone has had a great first few weeks of school and may the gains be with you.

Stay hard,
The Bulk Sauce team
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