The Bulk Post 2nd-Edition: The Macro Manifesto

The Bulk Post 2nd-Edition: The Macro Manifesto


As 8-time Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman once said,

“Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight.”


How much time do you spend a day cooking food? If you aren’t eating out or have somebody to cook for you, chances are it's a lot. Imagine if you could utilize that time for school or longer workout sessions. Well, the good news is with meal prepping, it’s totally possible. Meal prepping is the mass preparation of meals to eat ahead of time that are either ready to eat or just need to be reheated. It typically involves trading an hour or two of your time at once in order to save you many hours throughout the week. This article from details the steps of meal prepping and serves as a good beginner's guide if you're new to meal prepping.

As I’m sure all bodybuilders and most gym goers know, chicken and rice have been the staple meal for what feels like forever. But chicken and rice can get very boring and bland after a while, which is why people like Chef Jack Ovens have been putting their own spin on it. He has a fantastic lemon-honey chicken recipe that can handle any occasion and is made with meal prepping in mind. It’s a most welcome change from unseasoned chicken and plain rice.

Thanks for reading the 2nd edition of The Bulk Post! We’ve finished prototyping the first versions of the Bulk Sauce and have definitely managed to pack quite a protein punch (however, the flavor department could use some work). We’ll be tabling at the Purdue Co-Rec Center sometime in late August and will definitely give y’all a heads-up when the time comes. We’re excited to show you guys our progress!

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